Batwoman Season 1 Episode 10
Kate and Luke track down a hacker threatening to expose Gotham’s secrets; Mary and Sophie work towards clearing Jacob’s name.

On Batwoman Season 1 Episode 10, Alice celebrates her ultimate act of vengeance while a devastated Mary focuses on Jacob Kane’s trial. Batwoman has an awkward encounter that prompts her to reveal her true self.

Major Straight Vibes 

This episode, very aptly titled ‘How Queer Everything Is Today!’, tackles the issue of identity, the masks we all wear, the courage it takes to be your authentic self, and how although coming out may not the same for everyone, in time it does get better. I won’t lie this trumped the midseason finale as my favourite episode. The writing was excellent in addition to great performances from the cast, including the “villain” of the week. Ruby Rose continues to impress me with how she has stepped into this role since the premiere. As far as character-driven plots go, this is a solid one for her.¬†

Kate has a hilarious run-in with police officer Slam Bradley in the title scene that is the catalyst for many of her actions later in the episode. We get a bit of an exploration of Batwoman’s celebrity status and what that looks like in Gotham in 2020. This viral incident sends Gotham into a “shipping” frenzy where everyone is gossiping about Batwoman’s possible relationship with the city’s version of Captain America. Kate is repulsed while Luke is pleased. This is great news! “Have you seen Batwoman?” he quips, “Major straight vibes.” The less truth Gotham knows about Batwoman, the better.

Luke and Kate not only share some funny banter but also some really heartfelt moments too. I love watching these two together. Their chemistry is effortless. Luke reassures Kate that she is a hero. The city certainly thinks so, regardless of who they think she’s dating. This doesn’t sit well with Kate as someone who is very much out and proud and uninterested in hiding. She’s also the Paragon of Courage now. If she lets people believe this lie, what part of that is courageous?

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 10

I’m Coming Out

Kate’s dilemma about Batwoman’s perceived sexuality ties into two other characters’ plots quite neatly. Sophie is doing some soul-searching now that her husband has left her. She feels like she’s hiding from the world but at the same time, she’s terrified to live her truth. Alternatively, our ‘villain’ of the week, Parker Torres, was forcefully outed. Someone she thought she could trust told her parents who were unreceptive. She attempts to blackmail the city of Gotham into getting enough money to run away. Both Parker and Sophie are running from feelings they’d rather not deal with. And while Kate is very sure of her sexuality, she’s not as confident in Batwoman’s status as a hero.

In fact, Parker and Sophie are a lot alike in that they had a familial/personal situation that their girlfriends just couldn’t, or refused to understand due to their privilege. The expectations thrust upon them by their families and their parents’ homophobia have informed so much of their fear and anxiety around being who they are, that it doesn’t seem like it will ever get better. Kate could have easily been like Parker’s ex. She could have angrily outed Sophie after she chose not to tell the truth to their superiors at the Academy. Now that she has more clarity around Sophie’s decision to stay closeted, Batwoman is there to reassure her and Parker that they’re not alone. It’s a very touching moment to see them proudly admire Batwoman on the cover of CATCO magazine (!). I especially love the fact that Kara Danvers aka Supergirl wrote the feature.

Alice is also interested in staging a public outing. She wants to ‘out’ Kate as Batwoman to Gotham to prove that she isn’t a hero. Rachel Skarsten and Ruby Rose continue to shine in their scenes together. Alice appears even more unhinged than usual as she desperately threatens to kill Parker if Kate doesn’t unmask herself. Kate does unmask herself, to Parker’s surprise. In an even more selfless move, Kate tells Parker to obey Alice and out her as Batwoman to the whole city, no matter the consequences. This entire set of scenes is a perfect demonstration of why Kate really is a hero and why she’s deserving of the title Paragon of Courage. She lays everything on the line to protect others.


Following her mother’s death, Mary is coping just as well as anyone would expect, i.e. she’s not. Instead, she’s channelling all her grief into hyperfixating on clearing Jacob of his murder charge. Mary and Kate’s relationship remains strained because Kate is partly to blame for Alice’s actions. Alice remains fixated on having Kate join her and Mouse as one happy family. In Alice’s mind, she has done everything to show Kate that she loves her. She saved her life. She got rid of Catherine. Mouse rightly points out that those aren’t ways of expressing love.

Jacob and Kate show Mary their love, even though they aren’t family by blood. Jacob still sees Mary as his daughter. Kate constantly checks in on her, even if she doesn’t want to speak to her. Mary is trying not to feel the full weight of her grief. She’s doing everything she can to prove Jacob’s innocence – to the point where everyone she asks for help thinks she’s crazy. I really feel sorry her because she has been trying to get Kate to listen to her from the very beginning. And of course, Kate believes her now only after the fact. Still, it’s touching when they hug at the end because them being closer is everything I’ve ever wanted since the show started.

Kate is finally starting to let go of thinking of Alice as her sister who is in need of saving. But before I can even enjoy this for too long, the writer’s throw in the most insane plot twist at the end. Kate goes into her office to find someone that looks just like Alice waiting for her. Except it can’t be Alice because Alice is now in Sophie’s custody. It’s Beth! Somehow as a result of the multiverse collapsing into a single timeline, Beth from another earth – Beth who didn’t die – is now on this earth. Apart from Rachel Skarsten getting to show off more of her acting skills, I’m genuinely excited to see how this plays out in light of Kate rebuilding her relationship with Mary.

What did you think of Batwoman Season 1 Episode 10? Will Mary and Kate get Jacob out of jail? What did you think of that twist ending? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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